Good vibrations,
everywhere and anytime

Every MiiA collection flirts with the good taste and the needs of those who lives the journey as a source of inspiration and the music, all good music, as a constant friend in search of emotions and positive vibrations.

Miia, Made in Italy Affair, Simple but sophisticated, essential but provided by details with a strong impact, in dynamic equilibrium between past and present, the brand embodies the needs of people with a contemporary nomadic spirit who research in each garment style and comfort.

Passion for fashion and desire to undertake a personal path are the golden rules to create a product that turns out to be suitable for every moment of the day, with a clean but distinctive image, enriched with precious details and  working, able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Selected fabrics, stylistic research, the collection is a mix of tradition and innovation: its originality is about timeless authenticity and the accurate quality is fused to a continuous fabric and cut research and innovation.

In particular, trousers captivates with its mix of perfect fitting, timeless style and everlasting aesthetics. Each pair of jeans is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, using the highest quality denim and exclusive washes to create a look you’re sure to love.

Next to trousers, the brand has grown to create full apparel and accessories collections: The brand is successfully marketing other clothing like tricots, cotton or jersey dresses, jackets and accessories like leather or studded belts, bags and capes, according to the seasons and the collections.

When the tradition of craftsmanship and the love of excellence merge with the extensive know-how that comes from a company with a more than decennial experience in the fashion world, it can only create something unique and distinctive.

This story of Italian entrepreneurship began in 2012, fed by the inspiration, the visions and the solid expertise of a group of professionals in the fashion industry who decided to create a genuine brand with a specific mission: leave their mark in this overcrowded world of fashion, ensuring collections that offer, year after year, the high quality of fabrics combined with a constant research of innovation in treatments.

Exclusive design, high quality materials, great details, cosmopolitan inspiration: peculiarities that can be seen at first sight. The result is a total look collection of timeless pieces that transcend the seasons and makes stylish who’s wearing them.

A journey through the world of fashion, without boundary or limits, surrounded by the high quality and the unmistakable Made in Italy style.

  Rehard Distribuzione s.r.l.
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      Cap. Soc. 50.000€ i.v.

  Via Monte Ortigara 8/16
36064 Colceresa (VI) Italy

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